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2024 Inspire Sapiens Summer Tutoring Camp

Ready to have fun and get a head-start for next school year??  Choose your level and sign up today for our new Summer Tutoring Camp in Newport News, VA!

Each Saturday learners will meet with their friends for interest-based activities centered around fun, growth, and of course... inspiring others!  Then, at the end of summer, students will invite their families and friends to view a special group performance that showcases their new skills! 

Kids Reading Book in Park

What to expect:

After you register, each club member will get their own Inspire Sapiens Tutoring T-shirt and writing journal w/ pen (available for pick up on the first day)! You will also get a questionnaire emailed to you asking about your learner's current abilities as well as likes/dislikes, special interests, and need to know information such as allergies, dietary restrictions, medical conditions, and transportation.


Class time- On the first day of class, make sure to check in and pick up your t-shirt and journal.  Once class begins, students will introduce themselves and work on both group and individual activities. Please make sure to bring your ID to check your student out at the end of class. 


All activities, materials, and snacks will be provided.  Snacks may be based on a current topic or activity, so it's important to list any allergies or dietary restrictions when you register.


*At the end of each program, students will perform a play they created for their friends and family!*

Refer a friend today and get $30.00 when they sign up for our Summer Tutoring Camp!

Not sure what level is best for your student? See our registration form below for a quick level assessment at the end.
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